Business Intelligence

We Deliver Right Information To Right Person

For Faster, Better Informed Decision Making Across The Organization.


Enable your organization to get deep insights into its data and efficiently plan resources and manufacturing cycles using data-driven reports.


Generate insights into your business to drive efficiency and profitability. Monitor in real-time the key drivers to your enterprise and understand trends to better predict the future.


We help our clients generate critical, standardized, and recurring business reports that help monitor key aspects of their business or individual departments.


Use data cubes that pull information from various systems into a comprehensive reporting engine.



OLTP is characterized by a large number of short online transactions (INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE). Xacta ensures that the main emphasis for OLTP systems is focused on very fast query processing.


OLAP is characterized by a relatively low volume of transactions. Queries are often very complex and involve aggregations. This is in turn dependent on a finely tuned Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) system.


We are the vanguard in memory computing and offer other best-in-class solutions as well to provide our clients with the most effective turnkey solution for their specific needs.

Data Warehouse

Xacta specializes in designing comprehensive data warehouses that have become invaluable tools for our clients. The benefits of these repositories extend well beyond data analytics and intelligence, by improving back-up and recovery, and audit and predictive analytics.

Visualize To Decide

Pictures speak a thousand words. So does data! We work with multiple BI tools to quickly prototype, validate, optimize and verify your BI solution. Using the most advanced tools and technology, our team is able to generate highly relevant, in-depth, and visually stunning reports.

Our Tools

We use a combination of tools to achieve higher ROI and reduce TCO. We offer a combination of on-premise using DevExpress, as well as on-Cloud solutions on Microsoft Power BI, Tableau

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